Monday, May 9, 2011

Waiting game...

Well, first, you get an idea. Then you search, and search, and search. You fall in love, narrow down, miss out, back out of, and escape from all sorts of houses. You make a few offers, hope for the best, and then cringe the entire home inspection, and finally you are all in.

Then you wait. And wait. And wait. The waiting is way more stressful than the searching. We did our home inspection a few weeks ago and now we just need to wait for closing. Mortgage stuff is being figured out but it's pretty much a waiting game to make sure everything falls into place. I'm so scared that after telling friends and family and showing them "our house," something might happen to make it "not" our house. I just want to get started!!

Well, with what? Painting, scraping, ripping up old carpet, more cringing, regrouting, more painting, etc. This blog will follow me and my wonderful BF, Rob, as we go through the process of moving into and renovating our first house, a converted bungalow built in 1930!

I can't wait to post more entries of actual DIY projects and I am so happy to be blessed with a very handy boyfriend. He will hopefully make projects a lot easier. You can also follow me on Pinterest at I am addicted to home renovation blogs, thanks to Carrie, and I love arts and craft projects. I am suffering through a summer of CPA exam studying and review (it scares me when Becker ads start to pop up on blogs) but afterwards, come October or springtime, I plan to take on more projects and post more! For now, it will be mostly dreams and small projects to take a break from long summer study hours. :) I'll also post pictures of things I want for our house, yummy food, and silly things. Can't wait to show you more!

Photo credit to Coldwell Bankers, our future home's realtor.

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