Friday, May 20, 2011

Microwave Time

We're getting down to the wire!! Our appraisal was yesterday but we have to wait until Monday for the results. Ugh, so much waiting! I'm going to update today on our microwave search. As I mentioned before, the top cabinets will need to be rehung the first day we are in there and we are also going to replace the range hood (that doesn't empty outside) for a microwave. Both of our parents have these and they clear up so much counter space.

We are looking to start our stainless appliances as well and this is a pretty cheap investment.
Our first option is the Maytag for $218. It's pretty boring looking, huh? I figured I could make a microwave post a little more fun!
Our second choice is the GE 1.5ct for $239. I love this one because it is in "Clean Steel," a faux steel that shows fewer smudges and grime. My parents just got a new fridge as their final stainless appliance and my brother has coated it with finger prints. The "Clean Steel" has different side color and sheen compared to stainless so we would be locked into GE appliances. I love GE based on my parents but Rob is a fan of Maytag.
The final option is LG for $319. It seems a little pricey compared to the others but once you go up into 1.8ct size, the prices go to the $300s for pricing. I've never really liked LG and I've seen some bad reviews. Has anyone had a really great experience with them?

Well, I guess it will come down what will fit above the range and what's in stock at our local Home Depot. We'll update you next week with our choices!! :)

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