Sunday, May 15, 2011

Almost there!

We spent the weekend window shopping at IKEA, Jordan's, Bob's Discount Furniture, Lowes, and Home Depot. We also stopped by the house because we can't stay away. They finally changed the sign to "Sale Pending" (We may have driven by a few times before). I'm so excited for it to be our's, finally!

We get our final financing on May 23rd which will be either a nice surprise of FHA, a normal expectation of conventional, or something else. :/ Our mortgage rep says we don't need to worry but I can't help it! I'm such a worry wart. It was fun to go to the different stores and pick out what we want to put in the house. We have so many ideas and I know it will take a lot longer to put them into process.

Our closing is on a Thursday and the BF's parents have taken off work on Friday to help us out. For the first days, we are planning on rehanging kitchen cabinets, cleaning everything, deep cleaning the carpets, and replacing the range hood with a microwave. The original cabinets seem to hung without regard for studs so we got a stud finder this weekend. The cabinets are nice but the whole falling off the wall thing makes it a little less than functional. Rob is also going to expand the space for the refrigerator. We got a "new to us" fridge from my parents. We're planning on upgrading all the appliances gradually but for now, we will have all white except for the black 80s dishwasher and hopefully a new stainless microwave. We also want to replace those counter tops and add some updated hardware.

We also window shopped at IKEA. We did buy a recycling center and a broom for cleaning out our apartment. I love the recycling stand because each bag comes off individually. The store model had some adorable signs and I can't wait to make them. We also saw these adorable lanterns. Rob didn't feel the same way but I think they would look so cute on the deck. He wants to stain it a nice dark brown and I want some pops of color. Just a few more weeks!!

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