Monday, May 16, 2011

Flatware Fun

So, in a future post, I will show off my 72 piece dish set, but for now I need to get twelve places of cutlery. We don't plan on serving twelve people at once but we have 3+ sets of cutlery now that don't even pretend to match. Most sets at Home Goods and Ikea are only 4 or 8 sets so I need to buy two or three sets. Most of the Home Goods we went to don't even have multiple of the same sets.
So I might be a little crazy but I have totally over-analyzed Ikea flatware.
 So, we currently have a mauve plastic handled set, a blue plastic handled set, and this "Bonus" Ikea set. Well, we have a few of each of those with many missing due to work lunches. The set is only $3.99 for four places but the forks are really spork looking and the set is very cheap looking.

This set, "Data," is another one of my favorites. The mini spoons are beyond perfect for yogurt and soups. A past roommate had them and I was excited to see I had one left with me. The downside is that it is $29.99 a set, times three, for almost $90 of cutlery. I feel that we can definitely spend our money a little better than that.
 This set was another one of my favorites but I don't love the little features of it. "FĂ–RNUFT" is 7.99 for four places, so it is very reasonable in price. In the store, I didn't like the shape of the large spoon and forks because they seem overly wide.

Now this set was another favorite and Dragon is $9.99 per set. I really liked the weight of this set and how nice it looked. However, the forks seemed like spoons, they were very deep and the tines were set back so far. The base of the fork seemed like a little bowl. I just wasn't a huge fan!

 I don't like detailed flatware at the same time but the Ikea prices are very good. There are so many nice sets at Home Goods but I don't know that we'll be able to find three matching sets. I think we'll take the plunge with one of the Ikea sets later this summer. Which one would you choose?

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